Moving a CNC Optical Machine

Moving a CNC Optical MachineHow does a company go about moving a CNC Optical Machine?

Optical Machinery is a common type of sensitive equipment that we industrial rigging companies are called on to move.  A machine like this OptiPro is used to manufacture lenses of various types and sizes quickly and efficiently with high precision.  CNC stands for Computer (or computerized) Numerical Control (CNC) because they are operated by precisely programmed commands as opposed to being controlled manually by hand wheels or levers.

Rigging equipment such as jacks, gantries, and forklifts are needed for moving a CNC Optical Machine from one location to another or even within the same lab facility.  If the CNC Optical Machine is being moved to a location far away, a custom crate may be placed around the equipment.  It may even be vacuum bagged (see photo below) before being loaded into an overseas container for international shipments.vacuum bagged machinery

If your manufacturing lab is looking for assistance with moving a CNC optical machine (or any other heavy manufacturing equipment), please contact our team at Eagle Rigging & Transport.  We have the experience and equipment to move your project forward!